Spitfire Audio is offering you the Pixies' sound in a new instrument

Spitfire Audio is continuing its signature series with a new sample library from composer, producer and Pixies' guitarist Joey Santiago.

The Kontakt instrument features individual plucks an looped articulations recorded through a variety of amps, mics and his own pedalboard rig.

The sample library features 9317 samples and requires Kontakt 5. It is available to download now from the Spitfire Audio store at a discounted price of £149 until 1 April 16, rising to £199 thereafter.

Feature list:

  • 6 different signals to choose from; 4 amplified signals including Joey's own Marshall JCM800, Fender Vibrolux, and a Selmar and 2 different room perspectives.
  • Individual Plucks - All sounds played by Joey himself, through a selection of hand picked pedals. 18 different presets that give you the real Santiago guitar sounds.
  • Santiago Sounds - 35 different sounds created by the man himself through his vast collection of pedals all in the Mercury engine to add additional FX options.
  • Gigantic Mutations - 49 loops crafted from various sections of Joey's playing, housed and warped within Spitfire's eDNA engine.
  • Radiant Pads - 150 sounds curated into 125 different presets, with a metallic edge. All in Spitfire's eDNA engine.
Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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