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Sinevibes releases Octagon spectral delay plugin

Mac AU plugin developer Sinevibes has just released Octagon, a spectral delay that splits incoming audio into eight frequency bands, each of which has its own dedicated delay line.

Because you can set the delay time, feedback, pan, playback direction and more for each band, it's possible to apply delay selectively across the sound spectrum. To spice things up even further, there are also three tempo-synced modulators, each of which sports eight waveforms, adjustable 'chaos' and 24 modulation destinations.

Octagon is available now from the Sinevibes website priced at $39. The company has also announced a sale to mark the fact that this is its 16th plugin release; for 16 days (10 to 26 April), all of Sinevibes' products are available with a 16% discount. The complete collection of Sinevibes plugins is available for $200 (the regular price is $239).