Sample your VST plugin synths with discoDSP Bliss

Blissful sampling?
Blissful sampling?

The plugin sampler market has been pretty static in recent years, with the same products continuing to dominate it. We're pleased to be able to report , then, that there's a new kid on the block: discoDSP's Bliss.

This can probably be thought of as a next-gen version of Highlife, discoDSP's previous soft sampler, and it comes with some interesting features. Most notable is the option to automatically sample your VST plugin instruments without any loss of sound quality. So, in theory, you could take a CPU-intensive patch, sample it up and then play it in Bliss with a much lower CPU footprint.

You've also got some more traditional sampler features including a wave editor, filters, modulation options and effects.

Full specs are listed on the discoDSP website. Bliss is available for PC, Mac and Linux in VST/AU formats. It's currently in beta and so is being offered for half price: €44.50.

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