SAE Liverpool launches Ableton Live Course

SAE is moving into Ableton Live tuition.
SAE is moving into Ableton Live tuition.

PRESS RELEASE: SAE Liverpool have long been training the city's foremost engineers and producers, but with the introduction of the Ableton Live Course they're now turning their attention towards the nation's DJs and electronic music performers.

Ableton Live is considered by many to be the ultimate tool for creative hands-on performance, and practically all of the world's greatest DJs use it in their sets. Now, over four weeks of hands-on tuition, you too can unlock the secrets of the world's greatest performance software!

With SAE Liverpool's Ableton Live Course you'll learn how the role of the DJ has evolved beyond all recognition in these most digital of times. This four-week course takes place in the evenings and comprises only the best tools to ensure an insight and education that's second to none.

Of course all aspiring DJs will get hands-on with Ableton Live 8 - the latest and greatest iteration of the software - but they'll also get an insight into ultimate control with the Vestax VCM-600 purpose-built Ableton Live controllers, without doubt the perfect set-up for any DJ who craves instant live performance control married to extreme creativity.

With Ableton Live the world of the DJ is changing, and changing fast. Can you afford to be left behind? For more information on the Evolution of the DJ, point your browser towards, or call 0151 255 1313 for more information.

Course: Ableton Live Course
Duration: 4 weeks
Classes: Evening
Location: SAE Liverpool

SAE Liverpool manager Gavin Attard said: "SAE Liverpool has always focused on preparing our students for professional careers, but we also need to address the needs of those who need quick, hands-on and practical help to get up to speed with the greatest industry-standard tools that are set to shape the next generation of DJs and electronic music performers. And that's where our new Ableton Live Course comes in.

"In the space of 4 weeks we aim to revolutionise perceptions and expectations. Using the most powerful DJ software in the world and one of the most intuitive controllers yet released, we're certain our Ableton Live Course will lift DJs of all skill levels to new and as yet unimagined heights of creativity."

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