Roland introduces 7X7-TR8 expansion pack

Roland has released the first expansion pack for the TR-8 drum machine. The new sounds are said to be faithful recreations of those from the classic TR-707 and TR-727 Rhythm Composers so that, once you have them installed, your TR-8 provides four iconic drum machines in one box.

All 30 sounds of the TR-707 and TR-727 have been reproduced using the original PCM wave data and detailed models of the original circuitry. Roland's Analog Circuit Behavior technology promises to capture the unmistakable sound of the original units - a result of lo-fi sampling and the behaviour of the analogue envelope and VCA circuitry design.

15 TR-707 sounds

  • Bass drum x2
  • Snare Drum x2
  • Hi Tom
  • Mid Tom
  • Low Tom
  • Open HH
  • Closed HH
  • Rimshot/Cowbell
  • Hand Clap/Tambourine
  • Ride Cymbal
  • Crash Cymbal

15 TR-727

  • Hi Bongo
  • Low Bongo
  • Open Hi Conga
  • Mute Hi Conga
  • Low Conga
  • Hi Timbale
  • Low Timbale
  • Long Whistle
  • Short Whistle
  • Hi Agogo
  • Low Agogo
  • Cabasa
  • Maracas
  • Quijada
  • Star Chime

And that's not all, as Roland has also included new 808 and 909 sounds too.

New TR-808/909 Sounds

  • 808 FingerSnap
  • 909 AttackBD
  • 909 AttackSD
  • 808 NoiseClap
  • 808 NoiseTom L
  • 808 NoiseTom M
  • 808 NoiseTom H

Alongside the new sounds, Roland has also added the unique flam and accent behaviours of the TR-909 and TR-707, with adjustable flam intensity and two levels of accent.

7X7-TR8 Drum Machine Expansion for TR-8 will be available from 19 December 2014 on Roland's Aira Content Store for €75.

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