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Rob Papen Blade plug-in synth released

PRESS RELEASE: With a unique sound generator at its heart, and the tools to add unprecedented movement and evolving changes, Blade is an additive synthesis engine that has an individual character and flexibility never seen before in a software synth.

The power of Blade lies in the Harmolator - a set of global controls that get to the heart of the synthesis engine without the need to edit the additive partials that make up the waveform. Nine Harmolator controls shape the underlying partials, putting you in control of the harmonic content of the sound in an intuitive and musical way.

Blade offers total control of the sound over time using an array of different modulation controls. The most significant of these is the central XY screen. Here you can either alter things directly by moving the cursor around, or you can record paths, which can be replayed, thus creating an incredibly advanced LFO.

Special introductory pricing until 30th April 2012!RRP: £78.95 (normally £99.00)

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Time + Space.

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