Retronyms introduces Wej: wireless MIDI iPad interface and stand

Retronyms' Wej - the company's first piece of hardware - is designed to meet several requirements that iPad music makers might have. First, it's an interface for all your MIDI controllers, but it's also a slip-free surface for your tablet to sit on and a portable light show.

The MIDI element of Wej operates over Bluetooth LE, taking advantages of a feature that was introduced in iOS 8. Plug your controllers into the device and then MIDI data is transmitted wirelessly (at low latency, we're assured) to your apps. Because Wej is powered, you can use any kind of MIDI controller while simultaneously charging up your iPad.

Wej is angled and made of silicone, so Retronyms claims that it can serve as the perfect non-slip stand for your iPad when you're 'playing' its screen. The lights on one side are designed to pulse in time to the music you're making, and the device's Arduino heritage means that it can easily be hacked.

Wej is available for pre-order now priced at $99. You'll be charged once Retronyms has reached its funding target, at which point production will begin. The device should be shipping in the first half of 2015.

Ben Rogerson

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