RØDE Microphones announce new NT1 model

RØDE are set to update their classic NT1 microphone, with a revamped model that - although it bears physical similarities to its predecessor - has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Central innovations around the new NT1 include a newly designed capsule, codenamed the HF6, and the fact that the transducer is suspended inside the microphone, therefore minimising external vibrations at the capsule level.

The mic also boasts newly detailed midrange responses and smooth high frequencies, as well as a a rounded bass element.

Announcing the new NT1 in Sydney, Australia, RØDE president Peter Freedman said: "This new NT1 really represents the essence of RØDE - innovation and tradition coexisting in complete harmony. In the twenty years plus that we've been making microphones here in Australia we've come a long way, and the NT1 is on the cutting edge of technology and manufacturing processes."

The RØDE NT1 was first released in 1995, upgrading to the NT1-A in 2003.