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Propellerhead ReCycle 2.2 released: now more Reason-friendly

ReCycle: version 2.2 both adds and removes features.
ReCycle: version 2.2 both adds and removes features.

Propellerhead's ReCycle doesn't get updated often - it's one of those bits of software that does its job very well and doesn't really need many more bells and whistles - but the new version (2.2) that's just been released contains some key features.

For a start, ReCycle is now fully compatible with 64-bit operating systems (including Mac OS X Lion) and the main window has been redesigned, too. What's more, exported audio files now contain Reason-style tempo information, and when files are imported from Reason said information is used to set the tempo and length in ReCycle.

Check out the press release below for a full list of what's new. The ReCycle 2.2 update is a free one for existing users and can be downloaded now from the Propellerhead Software website.

Propellerhead Software ReCycle 2.2 press release

The latest ReCycle update is now available for download. Version 2.2 of Propellerhead's popular loop slicer brings support for 64-bit operating systems on Mac and PC, including Mac OS 10.7 Lion, an improved user interface and many workflow enhancements.

ReCycle 2 users can grab their free update at the Propellerhead website.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • • The program is now fully compatible with 64 bit operating systems.
  • • ReCycle 2.2 is a true Cocoa program under Mac OS and fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
  • • The main window has been redesigned, with new zooming and scrolling. Scrolling is smoother and you can now zoom in further. Some redundant controls have been removed and others added.
  • • When exporting AIFF and Wave files, Record/Reason-style tempo information is now included in the file. Also, when importing audio files created in Record or Reason, the tempo information in those files is used for setting tempo and length in ReCycle.
  • • The Waveform now indicates graphically what sound will be played back, by dimming silent sections.
  • • You can now use the Q, W, E and R keys to select tools, just like in Reason.
  • • The Preference dialog has been streamlined and updated.
  • • Open Recent (documents) is now a sub-menu on Mac OS.
  • • The status bar has been removed.
  • • We have removed support for the Sound Designer II, Mixman, and SampleCell formats since these are all outdated.
  • • The authorization system and copy protection has been changed, reducing the risk of having to reauthorize the program.
  • • Installation under Mac OS is now drag and drop (no installer).

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