Pro Tools now OSX Leopard compatible

The pro DAW is now available for Apple's swanky OS
The pro DAW is now available for Apple's swanky OS

Digidesign has announced that the new version of Pro Tools, version 7.4.2, is officially compatible with Apple's OSX Leopard. Version 10.5.3 of the operating system fully supports the Pro Tools update - which is available for free to all registered users of Pro Tools 7.4.

Pro Tools is arguably the most common DAW in professional studios, so many Mac users may have previously been put off upgrading to Leopard due to the lack of Pro Tools support. However, the dual software upgrade from Apple and Digidesign is likely to encourage more Mac users to make the jump.

Pro Tools is, of course, a direct competitor to Apple's own Logic Studio DAW, but as we know from the iPod, Apple is primarily a hardware company (despite its undoubtable skill as a software developer); in fact, there are theories that the lack of dongle protection and comparatively low price of the latest version of Apple's Logic software is a loss-leader designed to encourage stronger Apple hardware sales on the strength of its software.

MusicRadar welcomes the move to support Pro Tools nonetheless - Pro Tools users will be happy, and Apple are unlikely to lose out on any Logic sales as DAW users are, by-and-large, quite loyal to their chosen software.

There's more information on the Pro Tools update, including download links, at Digidesign's official website. Alternatively, go to for info on the Leopard upgrade.