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Pro producer guide, part 3: comping, correcting and editing

MusicRadar has, once again, teamed up with Steinberg and top Cubase expert and producer Bruce Aisher for a new series of videos where we'll be looking at creating a track from start to finish.

In this third episode, we are getting to grips with Cubase's comping tool. Once you have tracked your vocal takes, you can use this very handy tool to select the best ones.

Following on from comping is correction. Nobody's perfect and Cubase has plenty of tools that can help you with timing issues within your takes. Then if you want to go further into the nitty gritty of editing, we show you Cubase's VariAudio function and other tools that can help you with pitch correction.

For the rest of this 10-part series, in association with Steinberg, check out the hub page.