Positive Grid launches Final Touch mastering suite for iPad

Positive Grid, the developer behind impressive iOS amp modelling tools JamUp and BIAS, has unveiled Final Touch, a mastering suite for iPad.

The app combines seven mastering tools: pre and post linear phase EQ modules, a dynamics module offering stereo and mid-side multiband compression and limiting, a stereo imaging tool, a master reverb, a maximizer and a dither and noise-shaping module. Each module can be individually bypassed, and left, right, mid and side channels can also be individually soloed or muted. Module can be dragged and rearranged too, to change their order in the signal path.

Final Touch supports both Inter App Audio and Audiobus, and can export tracks via email, Dropbox, iTunes, Soundcloud and FTP. The app comes loaded with 100 factory presets too, and can save an unlimited amount of user presets.

According to the developer Final Touch has been optimised for mobile and desktop data transfers.

Final Touch is available to buy from the App Store now, priced at £13.99/$19.99. The app requires a 2nd gen iPad or later to run.

Si Truss

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