Pioneer release rekordbox for iOS and Android

Announced alongside Pioneers wireless DJ Sysyem, XDJ-AERO a couple of weeks ago. The mobile version of rekordbox has finally hit the Android and iOS app stores.

Both apps are available for free and let you do all the usual rekord box shenanigans, including setting cue points, quantizing grids, loops, track labeling and more. Plus, you can connect to the new XDJ-AERO syste, via wifi

Grab it for iOS on iTunes and android at the Google Play store


rekordbox is a music management App for Pioneer DJ products.

  • You can transfer music files from your Mac/PC to this App to prepare for your DJ performance such as creating playlists, setting cue points, and so on.
  • Changes and settings that have been made on your iPhone can be written back to rekordbox on your Mac/PC for further editing and playback.
  • You can also play music files in the iPhone version of rekordbox with Pioneer DJ products that support Wi-Fi (currently only XDJ-AERO supports Wi-Fi).

Main feature :

  • Transferring music files from rekordbox on your Mac/PC to this App via Wi-Fi.
  • Setting memory cues/loops, hot cues/loops, and beat grids. (Please note that features such as memory cues/loops and hot cues/loops are not included in XDJ-AERO.)
  • Editing comments and rating tracks.
  • Creating and editing playlists.
  • Playing music files in rekordbox with Pioneer DJ products that support Wi-Fi.
  • Importing existing music files from your iPhone.
  • We recommend you install Mac/PC version of rekordbox on your computer to use this App more effectively.
  • The Mac/PC version of rekordbox can be downloaded for free from Pioneer rekordbox web site: