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Pianoteq 5 promises "new clarity and authenticity"

Pianoteq 5: the ultimate modelled piano?
Pianoteq 5: the ultimate modelled piano?

With its Pianoteq software, Modartt has been a trailblazer in the search for the ultimate modelled piano sound, and with the release of version 5 of the plugin, it claims to have come with an instrument that offers "new clarity and authenticity".

Pianoteq 5 comes with nine new piano models, and you have the option to tweak your tone in even greater detail with the addition of directional microphones. A selection of well-known mics is available for you to choose from.

With refinements to the attack and soundboard model, Pianoteq 5 promises to make the existing piano models sound better and also comes with a new one, K2. Modartt has also announced a new collection of historical pianos that's been produced in collaboration with Austria's Kremsegg Schloss Museum.

You can buy Pianoteq 5 in various configurations, with prices starting at €99. A demo is available, too.