Patchblocks: modular synth units set to ship in Feb 2014

Program 'n' play: Patchblocks.
Program 'n' play: Patchblocks.

Developer Sebastian Heinz has successfully crowd-funded a range of connectable synthesizer modules that you can program with Mac or PC, titled Patchblocks.

The cute-style hardware blocks are programmable from Patchblocks' accompanying software using visual programming language. Users can select from a variety of low level sound processing elements then connect them with virtual cables.

The software's repertoire of virtual modules includes various oscillators, filters, delays, and even modules for algorithmic composition.

Using the editor you can can simulate how your 'patch' would sound, before uploading it to your physical Patchblock via USB, and having a jam. The blocks themselves are compact and battery operated.

Heinz is aiming for a 1000-unit run, with the majority of Patchworks blocks expected to ship in February 2014. Each unit is priced at £30.

For more information, visit Patchblocks- and see below for an audio demo.