Olga synth promises a distinctive analogue sound

The Olga interface is designed to look 'aged'. Note the Russian parameter labelling.
The Olga interface is designed to look 'aged'. Note the Russian parameter labelling.

Given that the software market is awash with virtual analogue synthesizers, any developer that releases a new one is pretty much obliged to say that it offers something startling different to the competition. So, it comes as no surprise that Stillwell Audio is claiming that its new Olga synth has a sound that´s very distinctive.

The company is also wheeling out the jargon in its marketing, stating that Olga uses a “Bezier anti-aliased synthesis system”. This is said to involve a new approach to waveform generation that produces a sound that replicates the imperfections of analogue.

Then there´s the “Gaussian Reactive Oscillator Overdrive Virtual Engine” to consider. This sounds ridiculously complex, but basically, its presence means that levels can be pushed through saturation into overdrive, thickening up the sound in an organic way.

Perhaps the most startling thing about Olga is its interface, as the parameter labelling appears to written using the Russian alphabet. Obviously, this could cause a problem for non-Russian speakers; maybe there´ll be an option to display in English.

You can download and evaluate Olga for free (it´s a Windows-only VST plug-in at the moment), though a commercial use license costs $80. There´s also a special $40 license for users of Cockos Reaper.

You can find out more and listen to some audio examples on the Stillwell Audio website.

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