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New iMacs to be quad-core?

Could quad-core processing be heading the iMac's way?
Could quad-core processing be heading the iMac's way?

Apple's iMac range has been tipped for a refresh for a while now, but one new rumour that should be of specific interest to musicians is that the updated model might be available with a quad-core processor.

An analyst by the name of Shaw Wu believes that "both types of processors [dual-core and quad-core] will likely be used, claiming that this would help Apple to "create better tiers within the iMac family".

A high-end iMac would be great - the prospect of a 24-inch quad-core model (or perhaps even a 30-inch model) will have power-hungry producers licking their lips - but MacRumors has put a slight dampener on things by noting that some of Wu's past predictions have proved to be inaccurate.

On the plus side, it also says that some iMac resellers are reporting limited availability of the existing machine, which could indicate that the launch of a revised model is imminent.