New Cubase hardware unboxed

The CC121 in the wild: Do you need all those EQ knobs, we wonder?
The CC121 in the wild: Do you need all those EQ knobs, we wonder?

Computer Music magazine has just got its hands on Steinberg's MR816 CSX and CC121 units, which integrate tightly with Cubase.

Steinberg has released Cubase hardware before, but these new devices are the first integrated products to be created in conjunction with parent company Yamaha, and they offer some exciting features.

The MR816 CSX FireWire audio interface includes the onboard DSP powered REV-X reverb and Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip plug-in, plus eight discrete mic preamps with combination XLR and TRS analogue inputs with switchable phantom power per channel. Digital ADAT and S/PDIF ins and outs are included, too.

The CC121 is a dedicated Cubase controller which offers control of Cubase channel settings, 12 dedicated EQ rotary encoders, and a Novation Nocturn-style "point and control" feature that enables you to control whatever you hover the mouse cursor over using the unit's big knob.

Here's a shot of the two devices coming out of their flight case:

For more pics and an interview with developers at Steinberg and Yamaha, check out the Computer Music blog. We'll be back with reviews of both products soon.

If you want to see the hardware in action, check out these videos of early prototypes being demoed to MusicRadar at Frankfurt Musikmesse:

Steinberg MR816 CSX

Steinberg CC121

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