New Bob Moog documentary, Electronic Voyager, needs your help

The producers of I Dream Of Wires and the Bob Moog Foundation are behind Electronic Voyager, a new Bob Moog documentary that's in the works.

The film is set to follow Michelle Moog-Koussa as she retraces the steps of her father, iconic synth innovator Bob Moog. It also features exclusive access to unseen family photos, rare historical artifacts from the Bob Moog Foundation Archives and interviews with some musical greats.

Electronic Voyager is the subject of a Kickstarter project and backers can choose from a whole host of packages if they want to get involved. These include signed posters, t-shirts and a copy of the film, which it's hoped will ship in November of this year.

The Kickstarter project is live now until 25 May 2016 and has a goal of $125000.

Confirmed participants include

  • Herb Deutsch (composer, Bob Moog's collaborator on the first Moog synthesizer)
  • Rick Wakeman (Yes)
  • Gary Numan
  • Moby
  • Adrian Utley (Portishead)
  • Gershon Kingsley (First Moog Quartet, "Popcorn")
  • Larry Fast (Synergy, Peter Gabriel)
  • Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff (TONTO's Expanding Head Band, Stevie Wonder)
  • Bernie Krause (Beaver & Krause, Moog modular session musician - George Harrison, The Doors)
  • Morton Subotnick
  • Dave Smith (Sequential Circuits)
  • Tom Oberheim
  • Roger Linn
  • …with many more to come

Kickstarter packages include

  • A deluxe 2-disc BluRay DigiBook, hardbound with 44-page full-color book
  • Exclusive Minimoog hand-screened neckties and scarves by Cyberoptix
  • Exclusive Moog-themed Cats On Synthesizers In Space T-shirts
  • New-old-stock vintage Moog's Musical Eatery cookbooks
  • 8" x 10" classic Gary Numan photos signed by the man himself
  • …and more!
Simon Arblaster
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