Native Instruments unveils the Traktor Kontrol Z1

Native Instruments has announced the Traktor Kontrol Z1, a new compact DJ controller for both Traktor Pro 2 and NI's iOS DJ app Traktor DJ.

The Z1 - which NI describes as "the world's smallest professional mixer and audio interface" - is a two-channel interface and controller. The unit features a built-in soundcard along with controls including a pair of faders, crossfader, three-band EQ and effects controls, all of which automatically map to Traktor DJ when connected to an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch via the included 30-pin connector. The unit also features a headphone output for cueing, and will even charge iDevices while connected.

The Z1 also works as a plug-and-play controller for Traktor Pro that can be used in conjunction with the X1 and F1 controllers to form a more comprehensive setup, and ships with a copy of Traktor LE.

The Z1 will be priced at $199/199€. A $50/50€ e-voucher will also be sent to users upon registration of the included Traktor LE software. Head to the Native Instruments site for more info.

Traktor Kontrol Z1 press release

Native Instruments introduces the world's most portable professional mixer and audio interface to natively connect to both Traktor DJ and Traktor Pro.

Native Instruments today announced Traktor Kontrol Z1, the world's smallest professional mixer and audio interface, to natively connect to both the Traktor DJ App for iPad and iPhone, and Traktor Pro 2.

When combined with the critically-acclaimed Traktor DJ App, the Z1 adds headphone cue, and dedicated faders, filter and effects controls, and 3-band EQ for each channel. The integrated audio interface boosts audio output to club-ready levels - an important feature for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch setups - all without interfering with Traktor DJ's acclaimed touch interface. Traktor Kontrol Z1 also offers established Traktor Pro 2 DJs a highly portable mixing interface when compact size and professional performance features are needed.

Following Traktor DJ's overwhelming popular success and warm critical reception, Traktor Kontrol Z1 now provides Traktor DJ users with an all-in-one 2-channel mixer, controller, and 24-bit soundcard. Its dedicated faders, filter and effects controls, and 3-band EQ for each channel automatically map to the software, instantly giving DJs added tactile control over their iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch setups. The Z1's cue section delivers headphone pre-listening of the next track for fluid, professional mixing, while the built-in 24-bit soundcard provides club-ready sound without the need for additional hardware. This combined with the Z1's compact footprint gives users the most portable Traktor DJ setup available today. With iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch turned on, Traktor Kontrol Z1 even keeps the device charged, assuring DJs hours of performance fun.

Traktor Kontrol Z1 is also the smallest professional mixer for Traktor Pro 2 users to date - perfect for intimate after-party gigs or any situation that requires both compact size and professional performance features. Thanks to plug-and-play connectivity with Traktor and the included Traktor LE software, DJs can immediately start mixing on their Mac or PC system. When combined with Traktor Kontrol X1 and F1 controllers, Traktor Kontrol Z1 becomes part of a powerful, professional DJ setup including full control of Traktor's Remix Decks and transport functionality.

Traktor Kontrol Z1 connects to iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPod touch with an included 30-pin connector. Using the Z1 with iPad 4th generation, iPad mini, iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5th generation requires an Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, which must be purchased separately from Apple.

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