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Native Instruments releases Supercharger GT compressor

NI has supercharged Supercharger.
NI has supercharged Supercharger.

Native Instruments has released a new compressor in the shape of Supercharger GT, which it says is inspired by "the rich, tube-driven sound of a boutique hardware unit."

A follow-up to 2013's Supercharger, the GT model promises to go beyond modern tube compression by adding Saturation and Character modes and additional controls. You can easily dial in a range of effects using the Compress knob, and there are both preset Attack and Release modes and the option to tweak these manually.

You can find out more about Supercharger GT on the Native Instruments website. It's available now for Mac and PC priced at £89/$99/€99. Existing Supercharger owners can upgrade for £42/$49/€49.