Native Instruments gives you The Finger

The Finger is based on the Kore Player engine.
The Finger is based on the Kore Player engine.

Not that you'd know it from its name, but The Finger is a new keyboard-controlled effects processor from Native Instruments and Warp artist Tim Exile.

Built around the Kore Player engine, this contains 40 effects algorithms, including real-time samplers, transformers, filters, gaters, delays, reverbs, distortion, wave shapers, ring modulation. We're also told that there's advanced tempo-sync functionality.

The Finger's USP is that each key on a MIDI keyboard represents a different effect type and setting. The idea is that you play it like an instrument, using the keyboard to activate and combine algorithms into custom chains.

"I fell in love with my fingers." Tim Exile

Tim Exile explains the inspiration for the project: "I've always been into the idea of playing electronics like you play acoustic instruments. I used to sit at the back of class at school tapping out jungle breaks and edits. That's when I fell in love with my fingers.

"I want to go on sound adventures by finger alone. I love it when sounds end up somewhere completely different from where they start off. I want to be able to play these transitions with my fingers and keep wandering with the sound."

The Finger runs standalone or as a plug-in, while Tim Exile's EP of the same name, which is based on live performances that utilise the software, can be downloaded for free.

Check out the video below for more - The Finger costs $79/€69 and can be purchased directly from NI's Online Shop.

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