NAMM 2015: Roland (sort of) unveils the JD-XA hybrid polysynth

NAMM 2015: NAMM had been set aside for the birthing of Roland's JD-Xi, but it turns out the Big R was expecting twins! Potentially stealing the thunder of the mono-analogue-plus-twin-SuperNatural-synth hybrid comes - what is still rumoured to be - a four-voice analogue + digital monster.

The JD-XA was clearly visible at Roland's recently ended pre-show NAMM announcement, though no hands-on was given or any details announced. Still, there it was, on a stand with only a polite rope preventing the press from getting up close.

Our first spy pics are above and first glance indicates that it's a full four-voice analogue polysynth with analogue oscillators AND (in an important distinction from the cheaper, mini-keyed JD-Xi) an analogue filter too. Meanwhile the attractively priced, smaller Xi routes the analogue and digital sound engines through a digital filter on the way to output.

It's shaping up to be an exciting show. We'll be hands-on with this beast just as soon as Roland's guard is down...