NAMM 2013: Roland HPi-50 Digital Piano

The HPi-50's digital screen features built-in songs and learning games and exercises
The HPi-50's digital screen features built-in songs and learning games and exercises

NAMM 2013 PRESS RELEASE: The Roland HPi-50 digital piano is designed for those learning to play, as well as more experienced players. It combines Roland's SuperNATURAL piano engine with a powerful set of speakers (called Acoustic Projection) and an authentic Ivory Feel keyboard action to replicate the sound and feel of a world-class concert grand piano.

The HPi-50 also includes a digital screen called DigiScore, which is housed in the music rest. The DigiScore system displays digital sheet music (and even turns the page for you) with a choice of over 400 built-in songs. You can even add other songs via SMF data (also known as Standard MIDI Files).

A wide range of exercises and games make learning fun for everyone, from children to adults. Younger children will love to earn 'medals' for their progress, while older players will appreciate the ability to perfect their playing technique and notation reading.

  • A beautiful-sounding piano with a digital screen, built-in songs and learning games and exercises
  • SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine for organic, expressive sound and response
  • Flagship Progressive Hammer Action III Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement
  • Large, high-resolution (1280 x 800) colour screen built into the music rest
  • DigiScore training programs with digital sheet music plus entertaining skill-building games and exercises
  • 50 onboard rhythm accompaniments and nearly 400 internal songs, including popular études such as Czerny
  • 100 and Hanon finger excerises, plus classical masterpieces and popular songs
  • 16-track song recorder built in; also records and plays .WAV audio files via optional USB flash memory
  • Acoustic Projection speaker system for natural, rich sound
  • Progressive Damper Action pedal
  • Wood cabinet with beautiful Simulated Rosewood finish

Expressive SuperNATURAL piano engine

At the heart of the HPi-50 is Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine. Although extremely powerful, this technology has a simple aim - to convincingly recreate the sound and feel of a grand piano. As you play, the tone (or colour) of the sound changes naturally in response to your touch, from the softest notes to the loudest.

Tone decay (how long you can hear the sound after striking the key) is also natural and organic, with the sound not only decreasing in volume, but also gradually softening in tone as the notes fade away. With SuperNATURAL Piano technology, every note has its own character, faithful to the performance of a real acoustic grand.

Magnificent touch with Roland's flagship keyboard action

A piano must also feel good to play, and the HPi-50 features the PHA III (Progressive Hammer Action III) Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement. This keyboard faithfully translates the subtle tonal differences of different playing styles and the force at which the keys are played across the entire length of the keyboard.

The keys are finished with a moisture-absorbing material, with the same natural texture and tactile sensation as real ivory and ebony keys.

DigiScore screen displays digital sheet music

The DigiScore system displays digital sheet music on the built-in colour LCD screen. The resolution (1280 x 800) has been greatly enhanced over previous models, and can show 32nd notes and up to 48 measures* of music at once. The digital pages are even turned for you so you can concentrate on playing.

The onboard exercises make sharpening your skills challenging and fun, while tools including graphical metronome, onscreen keyboard and fingering number display will help you develop.

* 48 measures can be shown when you choose to display notes only and set the notation screen display size to "small."

Notation-based Programs

A collection of practice features will help improve your playing. The Finger Training course displays the "finger power" in both hands while playing the built-in Hanon exercises (which develop finger movement skills). The Visual Lesson application identifies areas in the digital sheet music that you need to work on.

These are just some of the powerful tools to improve your playing, no matter whether you're a beginner or an advanced pianist who has been playing for years.

Games which develop your piano skills

If you have children, they'll enjoy the HPi-50's interactive DigiScore games, as they make learning fun. The DoReMi Course reviews your music reading and fingering techniques and the Scroll Game lets you play along with a graphical piano roll on the display.

The Medal Collection application awards gold, silver, or bronze medals for playing accuracy as you play along with the built-in songs. All of these games are challenging and entertaining for everyone in your family and, more importantly, they keep your child focused on improving.

Rich piano sound via Acoustic Projection sound system

The HPi-50 uses a powerful multi-channel speaker system called Acoustic Projection which envelops you in a rich, warm piano sound. Each speaker is positioned to project the sounds of the piano in a natural way. All of these elements are then intelligently blended to convincingly reproduce the sound of an acoustic piano.

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