NAMM 2013: Behringer iX16 iPad mixer dock

NAMM 2013 PRESS RELEASE: You want freedom, and not just a little… but, total freedom. The Behringer iX16 Digital Mixer gives you the freedom to work wirelessly from anywhere in the venue using basically any device you have - be it iPad or iPad mini, tablet PC, laptop orMac computer. Our public OSC protocol will even allow developers to work on their own apps for Android devices.

Want to hear the mix in the balcony? Or, maybe the bass player wants you to help him sort out his monitor mix. With the iX16 you have the freedom to roam about and experience all elements of the main mix from any vantage point - just grab your iPad and get moving.

And you can mix monitors where they'll do the most good, right in the sweet spot on stage. Better yet, since iX16 supports being controlled by several remote devices concurrently, why not give each band member control over their own monitor mix?!

The iX16 inherits the X32's remarkable processing as well as the fully programmable mic preamps you'll find inside. But don't be afraid, it also commends itself to the rather less experienced user, by focusing on a simple,streamlined workflow that can easily be grasped. The iX16 provides serious connectivity, including a bi-directional 18-channel USB audio interface for live recording, home or project studio enthusiasts looking for a major step up in quality.

Add to this a 40-bit digital mix engine that will take your music to a whole new level of sonic clarity, ULTRANET connectivity for our P16 Personal Monitoring System, and we've just scratched the surface of the iX16's amazing feature set.

Perfect for permanent installations, just connect your mics and speakers, grab your iPad - and fly! Professional gear - professional solutions- the iX16 Digital Mixer from Behringer!

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