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NAMM 2012: Arturia Minibrute analogue synth announced

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Arturia Minibrute: here to beat your sounds into shape. Clicl the image for more product photos.

Arturia Minibrute: here to beat your sounds into shape. Clicl the image for more product photos.

Arturia Minibrute

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Arturia Minibrute angle

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Arturia Minibrute rear

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Arturia Minibrute rear angle

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Arturia Minibrute sliders close-up

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Arturia Minibrute switches close-up

NAMM 2012: You can't fail to spot the irony in the news that Arturia, a company that made its name replicating vintage analogue synths in software, has just announced the Minibrute - a true analogue hardware synth of its own.

Coming with a two-octave keyboard, this sports a multi-wave oscillator, classic multimode filter and a range of modulation options.

Other feature include the Brute Factor, which is designed to add saturation and rich harmonics; the Ultrasaw, which generates "shimmering" sawtooth waveforms; and the Metalizer, for extreme triangle harmonics.

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An arpeggiator has been thrown into the mix too, as has CV, Gate, MIDI and USB MIDI I/O.

The Minibrute will cost you €499, and a full spec list is below. Check out the Arturia website for more.

We're hoping to bring you video of this thuggish synth very soon.

Arturia Minibrute main features

  • 100% analog audio signal path
  • Steiner-Parker multimode filter
  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • Oscillator Mixer with sub-osc, sawtooth, square, white noise, triangle, audio in.
  • LFO1 with 6 waveforms and bi-polar modulation destinations
  • LFO2 with 3 vibrato modes
  • Brute Factor™ delivering saturation and rich harmonics
  • Ultrasaw generating shimmering sawtooth waveforms
  • Metalizer bringing extreme triangle harmonics
  • Two ADSR Envelope Generators
  • 25-note keyboard with aftertouch
  • Pitch-bend with 1 octave range, Modulation wheel
  • External analog audio input
  • CV In controls: Pitch, Filter, Amp
  • CV Out controls: Pitch
  • Gate In/Out, MIDI In/Out, USB MIDI In/Out
  • 1/4" audio output, 1/4" headphone output

Full function arpeggiator:

  • 4 modes of arpeggiation
  • 4-octave range control
  • 6 time divisions
  • Swing control

Stay tuned to's dedicated NAMM 2012 hub for more info and other highlights from the show.