NAMM 2011: Roland unveils V-Piano Grand

NAMM 2011 PRESS RELEASE: Roland is proud to introduce the V-Piano Grand - the new flagship in the V-Piano series.

This new instrument combines award-winning V-Piano technology with an innovative multi-channel sound system in a stylish polished ebony grand piano cabinet, providing unparalleled touch, playability, and sound for even the most discerning pianist.

At the heart of the V-Piano Grand is its revolutionary piano component-based modelling technology, which meticulously recreates the complex interactions of the components inside an acoustic piano, resulting in rich, realistic, organic grand-piano sound and performance. The V-Piano Grand's sound generator has been further improved from the previous model, and new piano models have been added to the onboard library.

Pianists can choose from beautifully-crafted authentic vintage pianos to futuristic, never-heard-before Vanguard piano models, or they can create their own custom collection. The V-Piano Grand's "living" piano engine replicates every detail of the acoustic piano's sound production process, starting from the hammer hitting the strings.

The result is seamless, transparent tonal change that corresponds to key pressure.

Unlike any instrument before, the V-Piano Grand's built-in sound system employs intelligent multi-channel audio technology that creates a sound space in which the player and audience may not be aware of the existence of speakers. Each and every component of the piano sound is allocated to the appropriate location in real time, changing fluidly and naturally based on the performance.

Hammer-clicks sound closer, for example, and ringing strings are at a distance. Each element is allocated intelligently in real time to create an enveloping sound space. Sound spaces are uniquely created for each piano model, distributing ideal sound not only from the player's position, but from the listener's perspective as well. This amazing feature is unique to the V-Piano Grand.

The V-Piano Grand also features the newest progressive damper-action pedal and PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement, Roland's finest piano action that drastically improves key repetition, provides the authentic "click feel" of a grand-piano keyboard, and includes moisture-absorbent material that prevents slipping during performance.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Roland

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