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NAMM 2008: Steinberg Cubase Essential 4 is released

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A streamlined version of Cubase 4

A streamlined version of Cubase 4
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This upgrade features a full set of next-generation VST3 plug-ins

This upgrade features a full set of next-generation VST3 plug-ins

Cubase Essential 4 is, according to Steinberg, 'a streamlined version of the award-winning Cubase 4', and replaces Cubase SE3 as the company's recommended entry-level software.

This upgrade features a full set of next-generation VST3 plug-ins, the standard of which has also just been unveiled, as well as comprehensive audio recording/mixing tools and MIDI features as you would expect. Essential 4 is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Here's the spec...
- 64 audio tracks, unlimited MIDI tracks, 44 included VST3 and MIDI plug-ins, 16 VST instrument slots
- Integrated HALionOne sampling instrument with over 100 playable instruments
- Built-in Amp Simulator with 14 amps and 10 speaker simulations
- AudioWarp real-time time stretching and pitch shifting with formant correction
- Arranger Track with pattern-based arranging tools stores up to 16 different arrangements
- MediaBay sound management technology
- Cross-platform: Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5

The VST3 audio software interface, which has also been implemented with Steinberg's Nuendo product ranges, offers a range of new features including:

- Enhanced CPU efficiency: unique silence detection feature automatically kicks in if no audio signal is being received
- Multiple Dynamic I/Os: VST3 plug-ins are fully surround-capable
- Dynamic Bus Management: VST3 plug-in output busses can be reassigned at any time
- Resizable editing windows
- Multiple MIDI inputs/outputs: VST3 extends the MIDI I/O capability for plug-ins, allowing multiple MIDI inputs and outputs simultaneously

Cubase Essential 4 is shipping worldwide for $149 RRP.