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NAMM 2008: iPod-compatible monitors from Samson

Sync, charge and play your iPod with StudioDock.
Sync, charge and play your iPod with StudioDock.

We've seen plenty of dedicated iPod speaker docks, but how about a pair of iPod-compatible studio monitors? This is precisely what Samson is offering with its new StudioDock, which also boasts USB connectivity.

Clearly designed with computer users in mind, StudioDock takes its audio input from a USB cable that plugs into your Mac or PC. The theory is that this will result in a crystal clear output with no buzz, hiss or crackle.

The StudioDock also comes with a 3.5mm aux input jack, ensuring that none-USB sources can be connected to it too. A headphone jack and volume control are located on the front panel.

Samson is planning to ship the StudioDock in two configurations: the 3i has a 3-inch woofer and the 4i a 4-inch woofer. The former offers 2x15 watts of power and the latter 2x20 watts.

Both StudioDock models are slated to ship in May priced at £99 and £149 respectively.

Full specs are available at the Samson website.