NAMM 2008: Duende Mini makes SSL plug-ins portable

Duende Mini promises to put console grade processing inside your DAW
Duende Mini promises to put console-grade processing inside your DAW.

SSL has launched a smaller, more affordable version of its acclaimed Duende DSP system. Designed for home studio and laptop users in particular, the Duende Mini delivers 16 channels of processing at sample rates up to 96kHz.

The new box has a rugged-looking metal case (we wouldn't worry about slinging it in a bag and taking it on the road) and connects to your computer over FireWire. Its plug-ins can be accessed directly within your DAW.

Duende Mini ships with the EQ and Dynamics Channel plug-in that emulates the features and sound of a classic SSL console channel strip. This offers 4-band EQ, a variable low-pass and high-pass filter, an 'over-easy' soft ratio compression characteristic for smooth transitions and dynamics sidechain processing.

The new hardware also comes with trial versions of some of the other Duende plug-ins. These can be purchased separately, and you can also pay to upgrade your Duende Mini to provide up to 32 channels of processing.

Shipping in February 2008, the Duende Mini costs $799 plus tax. It's compatible with any VST, Audio Units or RTAS host application.

You can browse to the SSL website to find out more.