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N.E.R.D. to headline UK "action sports" festival

Pharrell: likes music, likes skating.
Pharrell: likes music, likes skating.

Pharrell Williams and his N.E.R.D chums will be playing a UK festival in Somerset this summer - but not Glastonbury.

The hip-hop/rock crossover collective have signed up to headline the Friday night of the Relentless NASS festival. This will run from 10-12 July and take place at The Bath and West Showground in Shepton Mallet.

MusicRadar wonders if Pharrell, a keen skater (he's said to have a half-pipe built into his house) is planning on bringing his board, though he should also check out the Relentless NASS festival website for details of items that won't be allowed on the site.

Laser pens, mini-motorised scooters and spray paint are all banned: you have been warned.

Tickets are on sale now.