Musikmesse 2014: Liquid Notes for Live announced

MUSIKMESSE 2014: Songwriting 'assistant' Liquid Notes has this week become available as a plugin for Ableton Live, it has been announced.

The software enables users to harmonically analyse their MIDI tracks, and explore various alternative possibilities - theoretically opening music makers up to new ideas.

Previously a standalone piece of software (read our Liquid Notes standalone review), this week's announcement sees it becoming available as plugin for the first time. Here's what its developer Re-Compose had to say.

Liquid Notes For Live Press Release

Ableton Live has become the DAW of choice for many makers of electronic music. Its vast array of sets and simple, yet powerful user interface and audio / MIDI capabilities, has shaped an entire generation of musicians, DJs, composers, and songwriters in producing a great many songs. Yet, as the musical world continues to be 'flooded' by tunes that sound all to similar there is one tool that is yet to exist. A software that can analyze your music, break down each individual instrument of your song, and providing you the musician with an exorbitant amount of ways to steer your song, to bring out a whole new level of possibilities. Now there is, and it plugs directly into Ableton Live: Liquid Notes for Live.

Liquid Notes for Live is a powerful intelligent songwriting assistant for editing of complex harmonic progressions directly in Ableton Live:

  • Deep harmonic analysis of your piece
  • Drop down tab to change the chords of your song for all tracks of an arrangement in an instant, as well as being able to hear the change in real time
  • Slider function to change the cadence of the chords
  • Ability to change the tensions of your chords
  • Plug and play with Ableton Live (via Max for Live)
  • Piano roll and full instrumentation presented in easy to see color dynamic, that lists all the instruments of your piece. The clear piano roll also provides the musician a real-time view of how the changes made in the music take place throughout the piece
  • Play live flawlessly with Liquid Notes for Live. Play a wrong note and Liquid Notes for Live will correct it to the closest alternative
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X

Liquid Notes for Live is available for the reduced price of €69/$69 until March 16, 2013, using coupon code LNLIVE14 at checkout on A 20-day free trial is included in the full version of the software.

Liquid Notes for Live is "the major technical & musical advance in years. It helps you achieve "Tonmeister" level music theory knowledge, coupled with harmonic musical mastery, in zero time. The software enables producers of all levels of expertise reach totally new levels of MIDI manipulation, chord progression / songwriting ability and much much more." (Ally Mac - Discoworx, 2014)