MixChecker makes your speakers sound like a smartphone or a set of classic monitors

It's always good practice to road test your mixes on as many speaker systems as possible, but what if there was a plugin that saved you all that hassle and could emulate a range of listening options on a single monitoring setup?

Audified thinks that it's created such a plugin with MixChecker, its new mixing assistant. Recognising that not everyone listens to music through high-end studio monitors (in fact, hardly anyone does) this is designed to emulate the audio characteristics of various consumer devices and classic reference monitors. Just strap it on your master output and take your pick from the options available.

MixChecker features two sections: Simulation and Compensation. The former enables you to select the device you want to be emulated (phone, tablet, car stereo, TV etc), while the latter lets you specify what kind of actual speakers or headphones you're using. There's also a Bypass button to turn off all processing.

MixChecker is available now as a VST/AU/AAX plugin for PC and Mac priced at $149. You can also demo it for 30 days. Find out more on the Audified website

Ben Rogerson

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