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Melodyne Direct Note Access is here!

Could these blobs change music production forever?
Could these blobs change music production forever?

It's taken a while - the concept was originally announced some 18 months ago - but Celemony Software has finally announced that Melodyne editor, the first software to benefit from its Direct Note Access technology, is ready for beta testing and will be released in November.

To recap, DNA promises to offer you what no software has in the past - the ability to get inside polyphonic recordings (guitar or piano chords, for example) and edit individual notes.

It's not only the pitch and position that can be adjusted either - you can also tweak the formant spectra, vibrato and pitch drift (plus the pitch, amplitude and formant transitions between notes). You can even copy one note's attributes to another.

Of course, the biggest question still remains: does it actually work? We'll answer that in due course, but in the meantime, check out Celemony's preview videos below.

If you're a registered Melodyne user, you're invited to try the Melodyne editor beta for yourself. The finished software will be released at the beginning of November (that's what we're currently being told, anyway) at a price of $349/€349.