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Livid Instruments OhmRGB Slim announced

Livid's OhmRGB Slim.
Livid's OhmRGB Slim.

PRESS RELEASE: Livid Instruments announced today the release of OhmRGB Slim, the lighter version of their flagship OhmRGB controller. OhmRGB Slim has all of the same controls of the OhmRGB in a thinner, all-aluminum body, with a lower price.

"I love the look of the different woods we've used on the OhmRGB, but ever since I made the CNTLR:R enclosure, the benefits of the lower profile became really apparent," explain Travis Redding, Livid's Director of Hardware Design. The OhmRGB features most of the features of the OhmRGB such as programmable RGB backlight buttons, high quality faders and knobs, and is housed in an all new aluminum body with a custom finish. Redding goes on to explain, "In order to make it small enough to fit into a backpack we've eliminated the MIDI in and out jacks, expansion port and wood end caps. I wanted to give it a unique look, so I created a different body design and a custom gunmetal finish. People looking for a controller that they can hold up to the road are really going to like this design."

The OhmRGB Slim is fully programmable and has a wide range of applications and scripts for music, visual, and lighting production. From the Ohm Modes template for Ableton Live, to native support in Arkaos' Grand VJ, the OhmRGB slim provides an adaptable platform for the performance of digital media. The stylish new design allows for ultra portability without sacrificing quality and design.

The OhmRGB Slim is handcrafted in Livid's own Austin, TX facility with a sleek and rugged aluminum enclosure. The OhmRGB Slim has a street price of $549 and is available directly at and Livid dealers worldwide.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Livid Instruments

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