Livid Instruments creates Elements modular controller

How many times have you seen a MIDI controller and wished it had a few more knobs, sliders or buttons instead of switches? Well, thanks to Livid Instruments' new Elements modular control system, it's no longer a problem.

It's fair to say that the modular idea has been explored many times before (anyone remember the MAWZER controller?) but the unique Eurorack sizing of Livid's platform could help to make it an industry standard and the demo video certainly looks promising. There's no need for soldering or any electronics knowledge either - phew!

So far there are two cases available to host the modular units. The single row Skiff 80 can take four controller modules, and the equally wooden-ended Dual 80 can contain up to eight modules stacked in two layers of four. USB, MIDI I/O and an optional power supply are on each case and they can be bus-powered over USB.

Pricing seems pretty palatable with a complete, filled Dual 80 Bundle costing $950, an empty Dual 80 going for $299 and modules starting at around $100.

Head over to the Livid store for all pricing details..