LinPlug RMV is a complete drum workstation

The fifth amendment: RMV promises to be LinPlug's best drum solution yet.
The fifth amendment: RMV promises to be LinPlug's best drum solution yet.

LinPlug's RM IV was a fine drum machine in its day, but it's been looking decidedly long in the tooth of late. This being the case, it's just as well that the company has now launched RMV, a plug-in that's billed as "a huge step forward" in comparison to its predecessor.

The RMV offers a vast range of beat-creating tools: it's a drum synth, sampler, librarian and audio loop slicer in one. The software features 48 percussion pads, each of which can have its own volume, pan, output, LFO, envelope, effect and EQ settings.

There are actually ten different drum synths onboard, while each sampler module can hold up to 30 samples. These can be layered, velocity-switched or crossfaded.

RMV contains six independent Loop Players, with each of these being capable of loading and playing back WAV, AIFF, REX and REX2 files. Loops can have up to 64 slices, and every slice can be edited individually.

You'll find more than 1,500 pre-sliced audio loops in the supplied library, which also contains 10,000 individual drum sounds, 340 kits and 2,600 MIDI grooves

This gives you a taste of what RM V has to offer; if you want the detailed specs, you'll find them on the LinPlug website.

Curiously, the software is PC-only at the moment (RM IV was cross-platform). It costs $179/€139, with chargeable upgrades from previous versions also being available.

Ben Rogerson
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