Leipzig-k: the real analogue monosynth

Leipzig-k: it looks old, it sounds old, but it's new.
Leipzig-k: it looks old, it sounds old, but it's new.

Virtual analogue synths sound pretty darned good these days, but if you're looking for a 'real' and playable instrument that's based on proper circuitry, you might want to consider Analogue Solutions' Leipzig-k.

This is the keyboard version of the rack-mountable Leipzig that MusicRadar has already reviewed - it throws a 37-note velocity-sensitive 'board into the mix. An extra LFO/VCA has also been added; the depth of the LFO can be controlled by the mod wheel.

The addition of a headphone jack, meanwhile, means that you can play the Leipzig-k in private.

Otherwise, the specs are very similar to those of the rack model: the inclusion of a Moog-style filter helps the Leipzig sound suitably vintage. It looks the part, too, coming in a wooden casing and with aluminium-topped knobs.

The Leipzik-k costs £899, though this is without tax and delivery. Demand is apparently outstripping supply at the moment, so get your order in at the Analogue Solutions website if you want one.

(Via Synthtopia)

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