Korg's new-look microKorg S adds built-in speakers and fresh presets

Korg hasn't looked too deeply into its back catalogue for its latest synth revival, for it's a special edition (we're guessing that's what the 'S' stands for) of the company's still-in-production microKorg.

This takes the basics of the 2002 original synth and adds a 2+1 speaker system that promises to deliver a rich and full sound at any volume. Stick a set of batteries in here and, in theory, you've got a completely self-contained performance instrument.

Korg even reckons that, because you can feel the vibrations of the speaker through through your fingers, the overall experience is similar to playing an acoustic instrument or electric piano.

The microKorg S also features more memory than its predecessor, which has enabled Korg to add 64 presets that are said to reflect the "changing musical scene". These include leads, electric pianos and basses. There are also 64 extra slots in which to store your own programs, while the Favourite Select feature enables you to assign and recall up to eight of your most-used programs.

You'll notice some cosmetic changes, too: the microKorg S has a white front panel and maple wood end panels. The compact form factor has been retained, though, as have all the key features of the original (including the vocoder and miniature microphone).

We're still waiting for a price and release date, but we'll pass on this information when we get it. Check out the Korg website for further details.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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