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Korg DS-10 coming to Europe on October 10

Don't worry - it'll be here soon...
Don't worry - it'll be here soon...

Nintendo has confirmed that the much-talked-about Korg DS-10 will be available in Europe from October 10. Reports suggest that US-based DS owners will be able to get their hands on the pocket-sized synth at roughly the same time.

Developed by AQ Interactive, the DS-10 has already proved to be a hit in Japan, and has had high tech musicians the world over frothing with excitement since its launch at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in March this year.

To recap, the product features a pair of patchable dual-oscillator analogue synth emulations, a four-part drum machine and a step sequencer, and has already been used by one enterprising artist to create a complete album.

Effects are included too - delay, chorus and flanger - while control of the synth's features is via the DS's stylus.

If you want to see the DS-10 in action, there are loads of official and user videos on YouTube.