KordBot chord generator is now funded on Kickstarter

If you struggle to compose and play compelling chord progressions, Isla Instruments' KordBot could be your ticket to successful songwriting.

This features a bank of chord modifier keys, which enable you to choose the chord type you want (7th, 9th etc). When used in combination with the 2-octave keyboard, you can create chords (by pressing a modifier and a root note) and then save them to the chord memory pads for quick and easy triggering.

You can adjust the voicings of your chords using rotary controls (these can also have MIDI CCs assigned to them) and cycle through inversions. Strums can be created using the pressure- and position-sensitive ribbon controller, while other features include a 32-step sequencer and arpeggiator.

You can see KordBot in action in the video above, and it's now the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. It's already reached its funding target and, now that all the early bird special deals have been taken up, the price is $249. Keep up to date with developments on the Isla Instruments website and Facebook page.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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