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Klevgränd Kuvert lets you shape your sound with five envelopes

Klevgränd is back with Kuvert, an iOS/desktop processor that promises to offer "a whole new way of dealing with effects".

This gives you five envelopes to work with - these control volume, low- and high-cut filters, glitch and delay send - all of which can be drawn onto a grid. These envelopes are looped, though the audio you feed into them isn't.

And that, basically, is it. Klevgränd says that Kuvert can alter your sounds so that they're almost unrecognisable from their original state, and that it's particularly adept at revitalising loops.

Find out more on the Klevgränd website. The iPad version currently costs $4.99, while the AU/VST version is available at the discounted price of $9.99.