iZotope makes its RX audio repair technology more affordable, and shows you how to use it

Audio repair can be a serious business, and if you need a serious piece of software to get the job done, iZotope's RX5 is one of the best. However, not everyone demands such a comprehensive box of tools, so iZotope is now giving you the option of purchasing the RX Plug-in Pack instead.

Designed to help you carry out some of the most common audio cleansing tasks, this features four plugins: De-click, Dialogue De-noise, De-hum and De-clip. These are based on RX technology, but are available at a lower price (currently $99, though this will rise to $129 after 21 March).

If you're not quite sure how to use these and similar tools, iZotope is also offering the RX Audio Cookbook, a free online resource that features searchable step-by-step tutorials, along with audio examples and videos. It covers everything from reducing hum on a guitar track to matching room tone and ambience.

"We have found that many RX owners only use a few of RX's powerful features because they just don't have the time to learn all the ins and outs of the tools," said Claire Hollenbeck, iZotope's Vice President of Education. "We're excited to offer the free Cookbook: not only will it help our users solve their audio problems in a matter of minutes, but it will also help them discover new features that they can integrate into their regular workflow."

You can browse the RX Audio Cookbook now, while the RX Plug-in Pack is available to buy from the iZotope website.

Ben Rogerson

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