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Even the most casual of jobbing music-makers probably spends as much time wearing headphones as sat between monitors. And yet they remain very much the poor relation of music listening: a necessary evil if you will. Uncomfortable head clamps that spell the kiss of death should you ever entrust them to accurately depict your music…

Which is to give today's modern headphone a rather raw deal. Innovation and perfection have finally allowed us to place trust where previously we wouldn't dare. And even the most humble of much-loved headphones can triple their worth if you were to start using and caring about them correctly. Our Producer's Guide To Headphones bears all you need to fall in love again.

Elsewhere in the mag we get what's hot and happening from two of music's rising stars. There's the genius of Cyril Hahn (complete with video) and we check out the in-demand studio of teenage wonder Flume. Proof that it's what you know and how you use it, not just what kit you can afford.

Finally there's our usual portion of tips for the big DAWs and a great guide to Multiband Mixing that we think will give you that breakthrough you're looking for. We hope you agree. Meet you back here next month!

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