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If you're revamping your music making right now, perhaps taking your first foray from exclusively in-the-box production into the wide, wild world of studio gear, then rest assured that there's never been a better time to get involved. The wealth of new gear available today means that sounds and features that were previously only obtainable via obscure eBay finds at random prices are now readily grabbable by anyone with the will to be different. The only problem therefore is where, exactly, to spend your money...

Which is where our Mini Synths Special comes in. Inside you'll find our pick of ten contenders all perfect for today's producers. With our advice (and the audio examples included with the mag) your next purchase will become clear.

Someone who's no stranger to buying gear is Luke Million, producer and The Swiss regular, who shows us around his studio and the workings of his latest track on video this month. And don't miss our face-to-face with DJ of the moment Seth Troxler.

As ever we've our usual invaluable guides to the top DAWs both in the mag and on video and there's plenty of great new gear to discover in our reviews section, complete with audio. Thanks for being here. Hope you enjoy!

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