Is Livid Instruments' Minim the world's most portable MIDI controller?

Hardware controllers have been getting smaller for years now, but Livid Instruments is taking downsizing to a whole new level with Minim, its new pocket-sized pad controller.

Designed to be used with desktop and mobile music making software, Minim features pressure-sensitive controls, 3D motion sensors and wireless connectivity. Livid says that it ships with a standalone app that enables you to set up the device to control your favourite third-party software, and that Minim can be used as an instrument, sampler, sequencer and song creation device.

Of course, you could argue that, with the device being so small, you'd be just as well using your iPhone's touchscreen, but then this doesn't give you the feel and feedback associated with 'real' hardware controls.

Minim is being launched via a Kickstarter campaign that starts today. You can pre-order a unit for as little as $69, though you'll have to be quick if you want to get one at this price. Other Reward options are also available.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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