Is it all over for the Mac mini?

Going, going, gone?
Going, going, gone? (Image credit: Image courtesy of Apple)

With the world about to tumble into a dark and horrible recession, you might think that now would be the time for the Mac mini, Apple's most affordable computer, to come into its own.

However, it's looking more and more likely that it's about to be discontinued.

The latest rumour comes from Gizmodo, which believes that at least two European retailers have been told that the Mac mini can no longer be ordered. Of course, this could suggest that there's a new version on the way, but no-one seems to believe that this is the case.

Like many others, MusicRadar likes the concept of the Mac mini - it's great for people who already have a decent monitor or are looking for a second machine - but it's never been the big seller that many thought it would be.

If it is removed from the product line, speculation will inevitably turn to what, if anything, will replace it. That frequently-rumoured tablet computer would be nice, but we can't see it happening for a while.

Ben Rogerson

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