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Image-Line Software releases Harmor synth

For Image-Line, it's Harmor time.
For Image-Line, it's Harmor time.

Just as we were hitting publish on our latest plug-in round-up, we got word that Image-Line has announced Harmor, a new synth for FL Studio and VST hosts. It was developed by Didier Dambrin, the inventor of FL Studio, and is the big brother of Harmless, an existing Image-Line synth.

Although Harmor is an additive instrument, it also emulates classic subtractive synthesis, and is even capable of image and audio resynthesis.

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More details are in the official press release below and video above. Harmor is available now for Windows priced at $99. The price will rise to $149 on 1 October.

Image Line Harmor press release

After a year in the making by Didier Dambrin, the inventor of FL Studio, we are proud to introduce our latest synthesizer Harmor.

Harmor features a unique and modern additive synthesis engine that emulates classic subtractive synthesis as well, taking sound generation to the next level.

Key Features

  • Additive / subtractive emulation - generating sounds not possible with traditional synthesis methods, including the ability to draw custom filter shapes, and offering precise control over every aspect of the sound conception.
  • Image & Audio Resynthesis - allowing a faithful, sampler-quality resynthesis of audio, not a vague sound-alike often met in additive synthesizers. Images too can be imported and turned into sound.
  • Envelopes and articulation - as originally seen in Image-Line's flagship synthesizer Sytrus, are taken to new levels of features, flexibility and GUI integration.
  • Sound creation - possibilities are endless, but not bewildering. Stutter, mangle, stretch, pitch and manipulate both audio and images beyond recognition.

Pricing: Introductory price $99 and will revert to $149 on October 1, after the sale. Get in quick!

Formats: FL Studio Native (requires FL Studio 10.0.8 update) and VSTi.