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Image-Line Software releases Harmor synth

For Image-Line, it's Harmor time.
For Image-Line, it's Harmor time.

Just as we were hitting publish on our latest plug-in round-up, we got word that Image-Line has announced Harmor, a new synth for FL Studio and VST hosts. It was developed by Didier Dambrin, the inventor of FL Studio, and is the big brother of Harmless, an existing Image-Line synth.

Although Harmor is an additive instrument, it also emulates classic subtractive synthesis, and is even capable of image and audio resynthesis.

More details are in the official press release below and video above. Harmor (opens in new tab) is available now for Windows priced at $99. The price will rise to $149 on 1 October.

Image Line Harmor press release

After a year in the making by Didier Dambrin, the inventor of FL Studio, we are proud to introduce our latest synthesizer Harmor.

Harmor features a unique and modern additive synthesis engine that emulates classic subtractive synthesis as well, taking sound generation to the next level.

Key Features

  • Additive / subtractive emulation - generating sounds not possible with traditional synthesis methods, including the ability to draw custom filter shapes, and offering precise control over every aspect of the sound conception.
  • Image & Audio Resynthesis - allowing a faithful, sampler-quality resynthesis of audio, not a vague sound-alike often met in additive synthesizers. Images too can be imported and turned into sound.
  • Envelopes and articulation - as originally seen in Image-Line's flagship synthesizer Sytrus, are taken to new levels of features, flexibility and GUI integration.
  • Sound creation - possibilities are endless, but not bewildering. Stutter, mangle, stretch, pitch and manipulate both audio and images beyond recognition.

Pricing: Introductory price $99 and will revert to $149 on October 1, after the sale. Get in quick!

Formats: FL Studio Native (requires FL Studio 10.0.8 update) and VSTi.

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