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iKlax is another multitrack audio format

The iKlax Player can be downloaded for free
The iKlax Player can be downloaded for free

It seems that MT9 isn´t the only new multitrack audio format vying for your attention. The iKlax system was announced earlier this year, and a companion community website will be officially launched on June 16.

Like MT9, iKlax enables artists to release music in a ‘remixable´ format, with the levels of each part of a song being available for adjustment. Tracks can be encoded using the iKlax Creator software and heard/tweaked in the iKlax Player - both applications are available for download from the iKlax Media website (as is a selection of iKlax tracks).

The community site, known as, will enable artists to share their iKlax format files with the world.

At present, the iKlax Player is available for PC only, though a Mac version is in development. The Creator application is cross-platform already.

While it´s good to see that the format will be compatible with both major computer systems, it should be noted that, at present, there doesn´t seem to be any way of using iKlax files while you´re on the move (unless you´re carrying a laptop, of course). The MT9 developers are claiming that Samsung and LG are interested in putting compatible players in their phones in 2009, but whether iKlax will get similar backing remains to be seen.

By Ben Rogerson