i-sleep laptop extension for tired music makers

Sweet i dreams
Sweet i-dreams

Picture the scene: you've been up all night jamming in your bedroom studio and you're very tired. You can't face the arduous task of standing up and falling into bed, and you can't reach your pillow. You could close your laptop and sleep on it, face first, but you run the risk of waking up with a DELL, or Apple logo embedded in your cheek. What do you do? Get an i-sleep laptop extension…

The i-sleep is a pillow attachment which automatically inflates when connected via a valve to the computer's fan. The inside of the pillow is coated with Latex, so the supplied exhaust air stays warmer for longer. The cushion also acts as a music player (which presumably hooks up to iTunes) and an alarm clock.

i sleep


We've seen some fairly pointless gadgets in our time, and although the i-sleep is no exception, we want one anyway. Unfortunately, we can't buy one, yet. The i-sleep is the creation of University Of Berlin student Ivonne Dippmann as part of the Visual Communication course.

The 'Analog Laptop Extension' project is also responsible for spawning the CPU warm-up (a hot water bottle Powerbook extension) and the iRazor Pro (a laptop security device) which, as you can see, is simply gruesome…



(via: walyou)